Saturday, 4 June 2011

화이트 춥습니다 ~!!!!

 E.T 008

 E.T 009

 DoMo 003
light blue

DoMo 003

Hey u guys~
these are da orders done by me last nyte~
it took me 2 hours to finish it~
from my frend n my sis's frend~

화이트 춥습니다 ~!!!!

Friday, 3 June 2011


나는 좋은 사람이야 ~!!!!

Hey guys,
Syaheyz Shizyntoz Shamz here~
and i'm having my first GIVEAWAY...
I got all these stuff to give to u guys for FREE~

How to get this Shizyntoz's art fancy stuff :
I will give away my stuffs for 4 winners~
2 winners for 2 most CREATIVE COMMENT
2 winners for the COMMENT with the most LIKES

CLOSE : 31 JUNE 2011

So, give me your best kick now..
I'll be waiting for my 4 LUCKY WINNERS~

For more info :

나는 좋은 사람이야 ~!!!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

THeiR BuTToN bY Me

디자인  취미입니다 ~!!!!

dis are a few of da order i received~
custam made button~
thnx for shoping with me u guys~
will be sent soon~
wait for it~

디자인  취미입니다 ~!!!!

TeD Da BeaR

 곰을 사랑 ~!!!!

hey u guys~
dis is da latest design made by me~
i called it TED da BEaR..

it came in with lots of colour~
any colour u want~
but dis tyme...
i only make it in BRoWN, BluE n PuRPLe~
can waut for ur orders~

TeD 003
size : 3 inches
price : Rm5

TeD 005
size : 5 inches
price : Rm7

TeD 007
size : 7 inches
price : Rm10

TeD 009
size : 9 inches
price : Rm15

p/s : extra charge on NaMe

thnxs uols~
wat for more design of toys from me key~
a big TeDDy luv from SHiZyNToZ

 곰을 사랑 ~!!!!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

DoMo Teaser

너무 귀여워 ~!!!!

Hey u guys~
im doing dis ryte now~
coming soon~
DoMOKuN with lots of colour~
i called it RaiNBoW DoMO~
will be updated soon~
wait for it~

너무 귀여워 ~!!!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

sUnSHiNe Te2Ns BuTToN oRDeR

나는 예술 사랑 ~!!!!


wow 47~
im done with SunSHiNeTe3N's order~
credit to my lil sis~
she made me stayed up for 2 days~
just to finish dis things~
sent to da shop already~
will be done by 3 days~
cant wait~!!!

나는 예술 사랑 ~!!!!

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